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Green Products available at Franklin Empire

Buildings Program (EnerCible): Commercial customers
Buildings Program (EnerCible): Institutional customers
Buildings Program - Commercial (EnerCible): Participant's Guide
Buildings Program - Institutional (EnerCible): Participant's Guide
Industrial Systems Program
Programs and Tools to be Energy Wise  
Business Customers-Medium Power
Business Customers-Large Power
Electronic Thermostats 
Pool Timers
Energy Efficient Lighting
Renovating Grant
Novoclimat Grant for New Homes
Luminaires Coupon
Residential LED Fixture Rebate
It's confirmed...Compact fluorescent lamps are the most ecological lighting option (in French)

Energy Innovation Assistance Program (PAIE)
The program aims to encourage the development of new technologies or innovative processes focusing on energy efficiency or emerging energy sources by financially supporting project developers who actively contribute to the various stages of the innovation process.

CEE is a nonprofit organization that works with its members in the U.S. and Canada to promote energy efficient products, technologies, and services.

Other Useful Links

GE Environmental Information Center

Listings of Efficient, High-Performance Lighting Products

Energy-Efficient Design for New Construction

Energy Efficient Schools

Motors/Motor Systems

Commercial & Industrial Transformers Initiatives

Energy Efficiency Agency of Quebec 

Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) 

Gaz Metro

Program to Promote Energy Efficiency (PPEE)

CaGBC (Canada Green Building Council)


The Hotel Association of Canada (HAC)

Green Key Ratings


Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA)

Green Building Initiative (GBI)

Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC)

The Canadian Electricity Association

Ontario Power Authority

Minimize the Hazardous Substances in Your Ceiling: Choose RoHS-Compliant lamp and ballast system

View Available Utility Incentives on Lutron Products

Questions and Answers About Compact Fluorescent Lamps

Report on Health Canada Survey of Ultraviolet Radiation and Electric and Magnetic Fields from Compact Fluorescent Lamps

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