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Franklin Empire Training

Training: Description

All training sessions can be adapted to your needs.

The training sessions take place at our office:

Montreal Region
8421, Darnley
TMR, Quebec
H4T 2B2

Quebec Region
215, Fortin
Quebec, Quebec
G1M 3M2

From 9:00 to 4:00 and lunch is included.

If you would like the training session to be given at your office, a transport fee will be added.

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S7-200 - Micro/Win
  • CPU parameters
  • Formats (bool - byte - int - word - real …)
  • How to use internal memory bits, inputs, outputs, data
  • Basic instructions (AND / OR / Set / Reset / Timers / Counters / Comparisons / Edges)
  • Diagnostics using online status, cross reference, and symbol tables
  • Use of special memory bits
  • Reading and writing analog values
  • Program transfer and online programming
S7-300 - STEP7
  • Overview of hardware of S7 family (S7-300 et S7-400) ; Input/Output addressing
  • Step7 project structure; hardware configuration and CPU settings
  • Overview of the different blocs: OB, FC, FB, SFC, SFB, DB, UDT and VAT
  • Use of SFC or SFB and creation of custom " black boxes " (FCs and FBs with parameters)
  • Formats (bool - byte - int -word -real …)
  • Use of internal memory bits, inputs, outputs, local variables, static variables and data
  • Basic instructionse (AND / OR / Set / Reset / Timers / Counters / Comparisons / Edges)
  • Diagnostic using module information, online status, reference data and VAT
  • Program transfer, comparison, archive and retreive
  • Permanent force values of I/O with LED FRCE on the CPU
WinCC Flexible
  • Minimum configuration to establish communication with the PLC.
  • Integration in a Step 7 Project
  • Alarms system : classes, acknowledge, Alarm Window
  • Screen development : inserting objects and graphics, buttons and animation of objects in a screen
  • Screen navigation / Recipe management
  • Using internal and external variables, different types of variables - Limits - Acquisition cycles - Text and graphics lists
  • System fonctions / User management (passwords)
  • Transfer / backup

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Calculators & Tools

Full Load Amp Ratings

Voltage drop

Grounding tables and calculators

Nema configurations

Conduit fill tables

Electrical Calculators and Formulas

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Lutron Pleasance iPad App
This app features the latest:
-Lifestyle, product and colour image galleries
-Library of marketing documents: brochures, presentations, videos
-Library of technical documents: installation guides, app notes, CAD files
-Lutron news
Lutron Energi Savr App
The Energi Savr application allows you to adjust the programming and configuration of a Lutron Energi Savr Node (ESN) system over a Wi-Fi network with the convenience of the iPhone or iPod Touch


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Franklin Empire takes no responsibility for any false or misleading information. The use of these tables and/or calculators is the responsibility of the user only. The results produced by using these tables and/or calculators are not guaranteed to be correct or applicable in all situations.

The user must also understand that the Canadian National Electrical Code may or may not be legally acceptable in their area and may be modified or superseded by the locality in which the work is done.




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