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Environmental Resources
2008 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act Affects Your Business!
Educational Opportunities
Lighting & Electrical Institute Offers NEW Environmental Building Strategies Conference!
Your one-stop resource for Environmental Resources!
What if you had a dedicated portal that provided info on topics including LEED®, recycling programs, Energy Star®, energy and environmental calculators (including a picogram per lumen hour calculator), legislation and the most energy-efficient products?
Now you do. Explore GE's Environmental Information Center and bookmark this valuable site today!
Learn more about the Environmental Information Center and how our energy efficient lighting and electrical products can earn your project valuable LEED® points.
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NEW Recycling Pages on Environmental Information Center web site!
Just launched are GE's recycling pages that highlight impactful recycling options for you or your business. Link to each state's recycling requirements, search options for consumer, retail and distributor recycling, and much more
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Environmental Information Center
Linking you to Environmental Excellence
Welcome to GE's Environmental Excellence quarterly newsletter!
The objective of the newsletter is to link you in to the industry's most pressing challenges and concerns regarding energy efficiency, environmental impacts, legislative updates and much more!
Each issue will contain vital information that you'll need to stay current with today's environmental imperatives. This first edition will focus on a plethora of topics and directly link you to the tools and resources found on the following web site:
2008 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act Affects Your Business!
To conserve the nation's energy resources, several bills have been passed in the last 3 years that are beneficial for the economy and the public. Review the basics of each Act and the new Regulatory Update brochure to learn how your business can benefit.
 What is the 2008 Emergency Economic Stabilization (EES) Act? The 2008 EES Act is an economic stimulus bill that, among other features, contains a 5-year extension of the commercial building tax incentive found within the 2005 Energy Policy Act.
 What is the 2007 Energy Independence and Security (EIS) Act? The 2007 EIS Act sets minimum efficiency requirements for incandescent reflector lamps, A-line lamps and metal halide fixtures.
 What is the 2005 Energy Policy Act?The 2005 Energy Policy Act sets minimum efficiency regulations and provides tax incentives and research dollars for lamps, ballasts, fixture, LEDs, transformers,electrical equipment, motors and appliances.
Educational Opportunities
Lighting & Electrical Institute Offers NEW Environmental Building Strategies Conference!
Property and facility managers, energy managers and other key decision makers in businesses and institutions will hear the latest strategies for improved lighting, controls, motors and drives, metering, power management systems and more.
Other topics will include: benchmarking, LEED certification for new and existing buildings, identification of useful tools and resources, and review of successful building case studies.
Sign up now, seating is limited!
Environmental Information Center Web Site Receives Prestigious Award!
The web site received Electrical Contracting Products' Training and Services Innovation Award at its 2008 awards ceremony. This award recognizes outstanding companies whose products or services respond to market challenges with creativity and innovation.
2008 TED Magazine/National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED)
Best of the Best Award for Environmental Print Advertising.

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